Jupyter Notebooks providing demonstrations of pyTMD functionality:

  • Check Tide Map github check nbviewer check

    Check if a given point is within a tide model domain

  • Plot Tidal Forecasts at a Location github forecasts nbviewer forecasts

    Plots a weekly forecast of tidal displacements at a given location

  • Solve for Harmonic Constants at a Location github solve nbviewer solve

    Solves for the amplitude and phase of harmonic constituents at a given location

  • Plot Range of Tidal Amplitudes around Antarctica github range nbviewer range

    Plot the total combined tidal amplitude for all constituents around Antarctica

  • Plot Tides in the Arctic Ocean github arctic nbviewer arctic

    Creates an animation of hourly tidal currents in the Arctic Ocean

  • Plot Tidal Currents around Antarctica github currents nbviewer currents

    Creates an animation of hourly tidal currents around Antarctica

  • Plot Tides under the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica github ross nbviewer ross

    Creates an animation of hourly tidal elevations around Antarctica

  • Plot Radial Ocean Pole Tide Components github opt nbviewer opt

    Plots maps of the real and imaginary geocentric pole tide admittance functions