• Reduces OTIS-format tidal files provided by Ohio State University and ESR to a regional subset

Source code

Calling Sequence

usage: [-h] [--directory DIRECTORY] [--tide TIDE]
                            [--projection PROJECTION]
                            [--bounds xmin xmax ymin ymax] [--verbose]
                            [--mode MODE]

Named Arguments

--directory, -D

Working data directory

--tide, -T

Possible choices: CATS0201, CATS2008, CATS2008_load, TPXO9-atlas, TPXO9.1, TPXO8-atlas, TPXO7.2, TPXO7.2_load, AODTM-5, AOTIM-5, AOTIM-5-2018

Tide model to use

--projection, -P

Spatial projection as EPSG code or PROJ4 string

--bounds, -B

Grid bounds for reducing model

--verbose, -V

Verbose output of processing run

--mode, -M

Permission mode of the output files