Source code

Calling Sequence

usage: [-h]
                                    [--format {csv,netCDF4,HDF5,geotiff,parquet}]
                                    [--variables VARIABLES [VARIABLES ...]]
                                    [--header HEADER] [--delimiter DELIMITER]
                                    [--type {drift,grid,time series}]
                                    [--epoch EPOCH]
                                    [--deltatime DELTATIME [DELTATIME ...]]
                                    [--standard {UTC,GPS,TAI,LORAN,datetime}]
                                    [--projection PROJECTION]
                                    [--ellipsoid {CLK66,GRS67,GRS80,WGS72,WGS84,ATS77,NAD27,NAD83,INTER,KRASS,MAIRY,HGH80,TOPEX,EGM96,IERS}]
                                    [--convention {2003,2010,2015,2018}]
                                    [--fill-value FILL_VALUE] [--verbose]
                                    [--mode MODE]
                                    [infile] [outfile]

Positional Arguments


Input file to run


Computed output file

Named Arguments

--format, -F

Possible choices: csv, netCDF4, HDF5, geotiff, parquet

Input and output data format

--variables, -v

Variable names of data in input file

--header, -H

Number of header lines for csv files


Delimiter for csv or ascii files

--type, -t

Possible choices: drift, grid, time series

Input data type

  • 'drift': drift buoys or satellite/airborne altimetry (time per data point)

  • 'grid': spatial grids or images (single time for all data points)

  • 'time series': station locations with multiple time values

--epoch, -e

Reference epoch of input time

  • 'days since 1858-11-17T00:00:00' (default Modified Julian Days)

--deltatime, -d

Input delta time for files without date variables

  • can be set to 0 to use exact calendar date from epoch

--standard, -s

Possible choices: UTC, GPS, TAI, LORAN, datetime

Input time standard for delta times

  • 'UTC': Coordinate Universal Time

  • 'GPS': GPS Time

  • 'LORAN': Long Range Navigator Time

  • 'TAI': International Atomic Time

  • 'datetime': formatted datetime string in UTC

--projection, -P

Spatial projection as EPSG code or PROJ4 string

--ellipsoid, -E

Possible choices: CLK66, GRS67, GRS80, WGS72, WGS84, ATS77, NAD27, NAD83, INTER, KRASS, MAIRY, HGH80, TOPEX, EGM96, IERS

Ellipsoid for calculating load pole tide parameters

--convention, -c

Possible choices: 2003, 2010, 2015, 2018

IERS mean or secular pole convention

--fill-value, -f

Invalid value for spatial fields

--verbose, -V

Verbose output of processing run

--mode, -M

Permission mode of output file