Setup and Installation


pyTMD is dependent on several open source programs that can be installed using OS-specific package management systems (e.g. apt or homebrew), conda or from source:

The version of GDAL used within pyTMD will match the version of the installed C program. The path to the C program that will be used with pyTMD is given by:

gdal-config --datadir

The pyTMD installation uses the gdal-config routines to set the GDAL package version.


pyTMD is available for download from the GitHub repository, the Python Package Index (pypi), and from conda-forge.

The simplest installation for most users will likely be using conda or mamba:

conda install -c conda-forge pytmd

conda installed versions of pyTMD can be upgraded to the latest stable release:

conda update pytmd

To use the development repository, please fork pyTMD into your own account and then clone onto your system:

git clone

pyTMD can then be installed within the package directory using setuptools:

python3 install

or pip

python3 -m pip install --user .

The development version of pyTMD can also be installed directly from GitHub using pip:

python3 -m pip install --user git+