• Downloads the FES (Finite Element Solution) global tide model from AVISO

  • Decompresses the model tar files into the constituent files and auxiliary files

  • Must have data access to tide models from AVISO

  • FES outputs are licensed for scientific purposes only

Source code

Calling Sequence

usage: aviso_fes_tides.py [-h] [--user USER] [--password PASSWORD]
                          [--netrc NETRC] [--directory DIRECTORY]
                          [--tide TIDE [TIDE ...]] [--load] [--currents]
                          [--gzip] [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--log] [--mode MODE]

Named Arguments

--user, -U

Username for AVISO Login

--password, -W

Password for AVISO Login

--netrc, -N

Path to .netrc file for authentication

--directory, -D

Working data directory

--tide, -T

Possible choices: FES1999, FES2004, FES2012, FES2014

FES tide model to download


Download load tide model outputs


Download tide model current outputs

--gzip, -G

Compress output ascii and netCDF4 tide files

--timeout, -t

Timeout in seconds for blocking operations

--log, -l

Output log file

--mode, -M

Permission mode of directories and files downloaded